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Google Music share tunes via Google+ Technology

Posted by nasi On Wednesday, 16 November 2011 0 comments
Google Music share tunes via Google+ Technology

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Google hasy launched Google Music, letting consumers tap into a service that was limited to 1 million customers since the beta was launched this spring.This is the best music sharing technology to your friends.In Google music you can share millions of music songs,tunes and much more.

Best Music Sharing Technology Platform

The service takes advantage of Google search technology as well as its ability to tap the tastes of a user's friends to recommend songs. With three of the four major record labels now participating in the service, users will also be able to buy music from Google music Google Music is about artists and their music and new ways technology to connect them to their fans.

Beta Version of Google Music Technology

The beta version of Google Music didn't include the ability to buy songs from labels. But users could upload their entire music libraries to Google's servers, making those tunes available to stream from any browser or Android-based device, such as a phone, a tablet, or Google TV. Google will now open that service to anyone in the United States.

Google+ social network technology

Google is also adding music to the Android store, where it already sells movie rentals and books. And the company has added a recommendations engine to help make music discoverable and Google is integrating the service with its Google+ social network technology . Google+ friends can stream music from one another for an entire album, from start to finish, for free. They can only share a specific track with a friend once.

Live Concerts Release

Google is also offering six never-released live concerts from the Rolling Stones. with the others arriving in 2012. Cold play is giving Google an exclusive concert as well. And Bus ta Rhymes has a single available for free from Google Music today.Google is also launching the service with a partnership with T-Mobile. Customers of the carrier will be able to get billed for songs on their monthly mobile bill. T-Mobile customers will also receive free content from Drake, Maroon 5, and the aforementioned Rhymes.

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